At the start of this year I decided to read this book – it’s a daily reading, a bible, if you like, for financial advisers and wealth managers from a man who has over 50 years’ experience of helping families with their finances.

I’m so glad I did!  On January 1st Nick reflects on why we are here in the following order:

  1. To do good
  2. To do well by doing good
  3. To be happy doing well by doing good

Despite the global pandemic, it has been a great year at work with Robson Laidler Wealth.  We’ve provided reassurance and optimism where the media have provided panic and pessimism – this has stopped our clients making expensive mistakes by selling investments after temporary falls in value.

During a period of significant uncertainty many clients have expressed their appreciation in having a trusted adviser to turn to.  I’m pleased to say all of our portfolios have made positive returns since this time last year.

During the year we have put in place a range of sustainable investment options to run alongside our mainstream investment portfolios.  These reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We’ve worked closer with our professional connections on providing advice for those who have received a settlement through the Court of Protection.  In 2021 we hope to extend our later life financial planning specialism to those older clients looking to divorce as we feel it’s so important to get this advice at an early stage to reduce stress and improve positive outcomes for both parties.

We are thankful to our clients, our wonderful staff team and will promise to continue our focus on planning with passion, integrity and empathy into 2021 and beyond. Contact me if you’d like help with your financial planning in 2021: