I agreed at the start of the year that I would join the rest of the team at Robson Laidler in running for our charity of the year – Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association.  I’ve done a couple of half marathon’s before, the GNR in 2010 and the Sunderland in 2014.

So, trying to be a bit accountable (!) here is an update of how my training is going.  To be honest, it has been a real struggle getting to even 6 miles – the additional 2 stone I am carrying compared to 2014 is not helping!  I was also training for a cycle ride in May and because I was finding it hard to do both, put running on the back burner.  Coupled with a holiday in July where I only managed 2 short runs due to the 35 degree heat, the fact that the run is in 5 weeks was stressing me out a bit.

Until last week…I had planned to run from work to the Coast (my mum’s for tea) and I thought the route was 7.7 miles.  It was actually 9.3 miles and I managed it!

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fast but, I kept reminding myself of how fortunate I am to be sufficiently healthy to be able to run at all.

If you would like to donate to this fantastic charity (their website is great) – see below.  Thank you.