How will your business perform in the changing landscape of 2019?

Every year most experienced business leaders will start off by reflecting on the year that has passed and ask themselves:

“What are the trends, opportunities and challenges I faced last year that I need to understand in order to achieve growth and profit targets this year?”

Over on our resources page you can download a Mindshop Business Leaders Insights for Success Report, which analyses these emerging business trends, training needs, industry opportunities and challenges for the years ahead.

Insights for this report were drawn from surveying over 100 business leaders from around the world in late 2018. These results then informed the Top Eight insights and respective strategies provided in this study.

Some will be common sense for you, some you may be already implementing and others will force you to adapt your thinking.

Reflecting on the eight insights below will guide leaders on the strategies and training they need to embrace for success in 2019. These are:

  1. Training needs: leadership, strategy and culture
  2. Are you too lean to grow?
  3. Build your own and your organisation’s resilience
  4. Consolidation or growth?
  5. Agile learning and development
  6. Technology to reinvent your business: hype v reality
  7. Empowering your team
  8. Boost your probability of personal change success

Learn more about each of these insights by downloading the report over on our resources page here.