How to build credibility in your business? When you watch a movie, you can almost believe anything on-screen, because it’s not real life, it’s fantasy.

The skills of the characters in the movie, ‘The Incredibles’ for example – we know that people cannot lift cars, move faster than a speeding bullet and make themselves invisible, but we suspend belief and sit back and enjoy the movie.

But in your business, in the real world, the buyers of your products and services will not suspend belief. If they are investing their money, they need to absolutely believe.

They need to believe in you, your business, your products and services and believe that they are not wasting their money.

To make this happen, to make your buyers part with their money and be happy to do so – you have to be seen as credible…

Incredible – well that comes later! Let’s work on credible first!

The importance of Credibility should never be under-estimated – it’s hard to become credible, it takes time for your buyers to trust you, believe in you and your products.

And it can be lost in a heart-beat. So be careful…

You have to be deadly serious about your credibility or people will not buy from you, and your business success depends on this very thing…

How credible do you think your business, products and services are right now?

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