Here at Robson Laidler we have a strong focus on giving something back to the community.  We have regular charity fund raising activities as well as volunteering opportunities.

I’ll be honest I often ignore the requests for help with this or that charity effort but when someone suggested a charity bike ride I thought this was something I could really support.

I have therefore agreed to be part of the team to ride the Coast to Coast (C2C) cycle route at the end of August.  One of the team have a close family association with the Freeman transplant unit and we have agreed our charity of the year will be Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association.

I wouldn’t say I’m a natural cyclist but every year I join a group of friends for a weekend trip.  Over the last few years we’ve completed all of the national cycle routes that begin or end in the North East including C2C (twice), Coast and Castles, Hadrian, Reivers, Three Rivers and Walney to Wear.

As part of my training for C2C I completed part of the Pennines cycle route in June (very hilly in parts!) and have been out after work over the last few weeks doing around 30 miles.

(Un)fortunately there are not too many steep hills around here so I haven’t been able to recreate some of the gradients we’ll face on C2C but hopefully my past experience will help me get over the top.  I don’t expect to take the polka dot jersey (King of the Mountains).

If you would like to make a donation to support my fund raising to this great charity please follow the link to my Just Giving page.