Love it or hate it, the word “well-being” is being used a lot at the moment, usually in a mental or physical context.

At Robson Laidler Wealth we believe that your financial well-being has an effect on how you feel generally that’s why it’s so important.

Last New Year I posted some tips to get your financial planning in some kind of order.  Given that we are now in a New Year and new decade for that matter, it might be an idea to re-visit some of those goals and plans.  Over the Christmas period, Facebook encouraged us to post pictures of us now and at the start of the decade – scary how quickly time goes!


  • Where you were at the start of the last decade and where you are now.
  • How comfortable you are with your financial plans – do you feel relaxed or anxious about your financial future?
  • What your goals are – have these changed due to changes in your circumstances?  Does your plan need to be tweaked?
  • That you are 120 monthly salary payments nearer to retirement – are you comfortable that when that tap is switched off there will be another tap to switch on?
  • If you need someone to help you plan – the role of a good financial planner is to keep you disciplined and on track.