Most business owners are focussed individuals and love what they do. Our financial planning team RL Wealth are in the fortunate position to see the whole picture.  They can see the turnover, the profits, the tax return but, because it’s about balancing the business finances with the owner’s personal financial future, they always ask the question -“what’s it for?”

Why? Having a plan in place for you and your family’s financial future brings clarity and a sense of security.  This helps you make key decisions around:

  • Profit extraction

Working with your business adviser to ensure that you are drawing profits in the most tax efficient way to meet your needs now and in the future.


  • Business cash

We all know that it’s important to have a healthy cash flow but how much cash is too much when it’s not leading you closer to your goals.


  • Succession/business sale – when?

We think it’s about choosing to work rather than having to work.  You may have an ideal date for winding down but is this realistic and achievable?  Without a considered plan this is a bit like sticking your finger in the air and hoping for the best!


What if someone could work with you and your business adviser to deliver all the above?  How great would that be!


Start your journey to a healthy and wealthy future today with our accelerator and wealth management team.  Book a business and financial future health check with us today.