The deadline for the submission of personal tax returns is 31 January 2022. As such Robson Laidler’s annual request for tax return information is now being sent to all our personal tax clients. Our Tax Team requests that you please let us have this information as soon as possible.

Tax Manager Victoria Bishop advises: “The sooner we receive the information, then the sooner we can advise you of any outstanding tax liability or claim repayment of any overpaid tax. The deadline of the submission of the tax return, 31 January 2022, may seem a long way off but we don’t want to be in a position of a last-minute rush with your tax being calculated on the day it is due.”

It is particularly important this year, as extra entries are required on the tax return to do with payments you may have received due to Covid-19. If you are self employed, then the amount of SEISS received in the full tax year (i.e. not simply to the end of your accounting period) has to be shown on the return, as do any grants received. If you are in any doubt as to what information is required, then please contact us.

The ongoing position with Covid-19 means that cashflow issues remain important, and the sooner we can finalise your tax return, then the sooner you can review your cashflow and apply for any reliefs or grants that may be appropriate.

If you are employed, it is important that  – where appropriate – the working from home allowance is included on the return, even if you have already claimed it via your PAYE code. So please let us know if you have been working from home during the year ended 5 April 2021, even if only for a short period.