What is sustainable and responsible investment? Over the past few years Robson Laidler has been looking at how we as a firm can make a difference.  To name a few, we are partners in the global B1G1 Business for Good community that supports the UN with its global sustainable development goals and we are a proud supporter of the North East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE).


You might be thinking about how you can make a difference to the world around you.  But what about how you invest your money?


Our Wealth team have developed new investment portfolios where you only invest in firms, which make a positive difference in terms of the environment and the lives of those who work for them.  They have got to have transparent working practices too.  We think this is good for the planet, but it’s been good for investors’ money too!

Watch this great video for more info here: https://youtu.be/016O2twhijo

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