The mind is a strange thing. You can think that you are looking at things rationally but yet often an observer will know the decision you will make before you do. The press and marketing have used this to get you to agree with them for years. They do this to get you to influence your thoughts to buy products or services.

I am talking about confirmation bias which dictates that whenever you review a subject you will seek out the elements that agree with what you already believe. Whether you are left or right wing will determine the newspaper you read and as if by surprise you will agree with most of what they say.

This is of course not the only thing messing with your decision making abilities. Time, or the lack of it, can seriously affect how you work. If you are too focused “doing the do” you will struggle to see what is happening around you. Most business owners are affected by confirmation bias and also “doing the do” to the point where they can seriously harm your chances of success. They end up surrounded by people just like them “doing the do” the way they always have.

Even if you are surrounded by inspirational thought leaders, are being coached and reading a lot of business help books you will never take the next step if you don’t take a moment to implement change in your own business.

The exciting part about this is that change does not have to be huge. You can change ONE tiny thing each week over a year. No need to reinvent yourself or your business. One tiny adjustment. Measure the different it makes.

If each one can increase profits by even 1% then you can increase profits by 50% in a single year. Those tiny changes might take an hour each to do but that hour a week will quickly become your most valuable time spent if you get anywhere near a 1% increase as a result.

Blog post by Martin Wardle, Director at Robson Laidler. For more information please contact