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Planning for 2021? Are you kidding me?

Peace of mind

If all plans are out of the window is it worth planning at all? What a year!  If anyone had told us we would not have believed them. So many plans cancelled. But what about our clients’ long term financial plans?  Were they even affected by the Covid pandemic?  Not […]

Tens of thousands entering retirement each year without taking advice

retirement advice

New analysis from the Association of British Insurers (“ABI”) shows very low levels of retirement readiness. This isn’t really surprising to us but continues to be a bit worrying! Of the 62,000 people accessing some of their pension via drawdown for the first time during a 6 month period, 34% […]

Top Tips for Financial Planning

financial planning starts with you

It’s 2019. Perhaps you are recovering from the festive excess in more ways than one?! You think, OK, it’s time to take stock. Sort things out. Stop putting important things off. Or is that just me? You may have already done some thinking ahead, booked the holiday, made enquiries about […]