“I have been with Robson Laidler for more than a decade now and have benefited greatly from Neil Cowie’s advice. At the beginning, I knew that my financial circumstances were going to change fairly soon as a result of inheritance, but on the one hand I had no experience of dealing with what to me looked as if they were going to be large sums of money and on the other it was important to me that I made the most of anything I inherited because I was going to be retiring myself in the not too distant future. In particular, therefore, I needed help at the beginning in respect of long-term investments and pensions. Neil was of great assistance to me in both these areas. He grasped at once that I wanted sound long-term vehicles rather than a quick buck and that future income was going to be more important to me than immediate large capital sums. Ten years on, and now retired, I can say that the plans Neil put in place for me look to have set me up very well for later life. Without the support I have had from Robson Laidler I would have had no idea what to do.”