“Having left the Royal Navy and moving straight to a large corporation my pension needs and advice were previously minimal. However, going self employed it’s a very different story. The pensions market is a very daunting arena to be in and making uninformed decisions can be, at the very least, fool hardy. I quickly realised, I needed help, as I had a company to run, plus didn’t have time or the resources to spend getting myself up to speed on legislation and the vast amount of pensions available.  I needed someone ( a company) who gets me, my situation, my company’s needs and most importantly who I can have a working relationship with. With that in mind, I find Robson Laidler Wealth offered me this in bucket loads. They make the complex jargon simple. They inform you when needed and don’t sell. They are there when needed. This freed up my time, which allows me to get on with things I know best and concentrate on my Company. It makes me feel comfortable, as I know when advice is given it’s informative, in plain English, not biased and dangers are highlighted…it is fact. So when you ultimately make a decision it’s the best advice, always with a caveat that nothing is guaranteed but with Robson Laidler Wealth you have a better chance.”