As an accountant we understand that the current climate is affecting us all in many and different ways.  From businesses having to restructure and make changes to their workforce and work practices, to individuals and families having to tighten their belts, and re-evaluate their finances.


A recent report from McKinsey tells us that the pandemic accelerated the use of online deliveries by 10-years in 8 weeks, and online entertainment by 7 years in 5 months.


In the past two years our expectations around service and availability of businesses to help us have changed. for example Amazon has repositioned consumer expectations around service, availability, price and communications.


We want to improve how we support clients by having a better understanding of what people and businesses who need support from accountancy firms want, need and expect from us.


We are conducting a short survey, to understand which aspects of service and support are most important so we can help you more effectively

Please click on the following link to participate: Click here to take part in the survey. 

If you have any queries, please do get in touch.