Cloud accounting is a system that is growing in popularity across a range of businesses from the construction and retail sectors to new start-ups. Xero, a pioneer of cloud-based accounting software, offers a number of packages which prioritise security and data integrity whilst retaining the adaptability that enables you to match the system with your requirements.

Ranging from just £10 per month for a starter package to £27.50 per month for a premium service, Xero gives you access to a suite of apps available from Xero and third parties that allow you to tailor the service to the requirements of your business.

Effective cloud accounting can actually save you money. So what are the routes to cost cutting using a cloud-based software package?

Using a cloud-based accounting package will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on resource-heavy processes and free you and your staff up to tackle more productive activities that directly benefit and retain your customers. Cloud-based software from suppliers such as Xero will also give you the freedom to construct and adapt a package to match your business requirements meaning that you only pay for what you need.

The Xero system is transparent so not only can you can see where your money is spent, your accountant can monitor and adjust aspects throughout the year and giving you the reassurance of getting an overview of the financial position of your business in real time.

The Xero processes are also fully integrated and connected, taking the load off routine tasks and problems such as resolving server failures, general finance administration, maintenance costs and software upgrades.

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