“The world is too fragile to have businesses that are purely about profit. They just cannot exist.”

Mike Berners Lee, Professor Lancaster University Environment Centre.

Growing concerns about social and environmental issues in society as well as more attention being given to corporate governance and legal obligations on companies to disclose climate-related information, has led to greater interest in how companies should operate in a responsible way.

Companies are increasingly expected to consider purpose as well as profit, and the future of our planet and its people. All these various issues are collectively referred to as environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Being a business as a force for good

Where to start?…

You want to grow your business in a way that encourages sustainability, embraces an inclusive culture and that meets high social and environmental performance.

You have all the right ideas, but you need help with bringing these together into a roadmap that will tackle these issues and add most value.

How We Work

ESG Infographic

Why work with us

With so many aspects of ESG to consider, guidance from experienced professionals can help you to build a business that meets today’s expectations and is ready for the future: a truly sustainable business.

As a certified B Corp you will benefit from working with an accredited B Corp business leader and Mindshop coaches who can help give you a clear picture of where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.

Our ESG consultants are also professional accountants, tax advisors and wealth managers who work as a team to create a tailored ESG plan that works for you.

Using the B Corp framework, we look at five key areas of your business:

Governance: Enhancing policies and practices pertaining to your company’s mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency.
Workers: Contributions to your employees financial, physical, professional and social wellbeing.
Environment: Improvements to your company’s overall environmental stewardship.
Community: Making a difference to the economic and social wellbeing in which your business operates.
Customers: Improve the value that your business creates for your direct customers and the customers of your products or services.

How do you Measure Up?

Complete our initial ESG assessment tool to see where your business is at now and what areas you need to focus on to make improvements.

Upon completion you will have your own report to work from or we can talk you through the next steps.


Ready to start your ESG Journey?

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