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Financial, time and resource pressures?

We take care of the financial burden of running your practice to allow you to focus on what matters most to you – patient care.

We have a unique understanding of the healthcare industry and how it works.

We give you tools and resources to save time, mind and money such as business planning sessions, budgeting and forecasting, time management, organisational reviews and regular coaching. And we make sure you’re ready for the future, looking at everything from specialist tax and superannuation advice to your pension and retirement.

Build a real connection with dedicated healthcare experts

As members of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA) and UK200Group, you’ll have access to support that goes beyond just your accounts and tax returns.

A truly integrated service, accounts, tax planning, financial planning and payroll all under one roof – that’s what our clients value the most. There’s nothing we cannot help you achieve.


Our specialist healthcare team act for hundreds of:

GP and Dental practices








Practice Managers

Across the North East and beyond.

What do you want from your healthcare accountant?

  • I need an accountant to help me save time
  • I need them to show me how to be more efficient
  • I want to minimize my tax bill
  • I want to complete my accounts ahead of the filing deadline so we can talk about future planning and growth
  • I want to understand dividends and how much I can take
  • I need pension and retirement planning advice
  • I need advice on mergers and acquisitions


We start with a planning meeting to find out where you are, where you want to be and we then advise how we can help you get there.
You receive a quote, which details exactly what you will get from us and how much it will cost you.
We keep in touch with you at touch points throughout the financial year to suit you to make sure you are on track


How one healthcare company solved their bookkeeping issues and streamlined their systems for a more efficient business.


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Healthcare Blogs

Our team of healthcare accountants take pride in keeping you up to date with the latest industry news. Follow our blog for useful updates.

How can I look after my employees’ financial wellbeing?

In these tricky times, how do you as an employer remain profitable whilst trying to look after the wellbeing of your employees? Many employers ask us what an acceptable level of employee benefits is and of course this has to fit within their budget.   The pension Since around 2012, […]

Financial Planning for GPs

GPs need to focus on their future financial planning just like the rest of us. Most GPs we talk to are working long hours in addition to patients with Covid, they are dealing with the fall out of long Covid, mental health issues exacerbated by the pandemic and also those […]

Healthcare professional expenses- what can you claim?

As a healthcare professional, how many times have you purchased a work-related expense and not claimed for it? Are you confident you are maximising your income by claiming all tax-deductible expenses that you have incurred as part of your job? Are you sure that your tax responsibilities are being fully […]

Tax Reminder for NHS Pension Members

NHS Pension Members – Don’t forget to declare excesses from your 19/20 pension savings on your January Self Assessment return. If you have exceeded your Annual Allowance for 19/20 and you don’t have sufficient unused annual allowance to carry forward to cover the excess, you must declare this on your […]

Primary dental care COVID-19 update

Our healthcare team have prepared an update document setting out the measures being proposed for general dental practices and community dental services regarding the emerging COVID-19 situation. We have also provided comments in regards to the application of these. An electronic copy of the NHS England preparedness letter, and all other […]

Freedom of time, mind and finance for healthcare clients

Our mission at Robson Laidler is to enable individuals and businesses to gain more freedom, through expert advice at every stage of their journey.   We therefore aim to help create freedom of time, mind and financial freedom for all of our clients including our healthcare clients.   In recent […]

NHS Pensions – handy hints to plan your exit

There are loads of articles in the press right now about doctors leaving the NHS.  You may be wishing it was you? For most of the doctors I meet, their NHS Pension will underpin their retirement planning.  So, it’s probably a good idea to get clued up/take some advice if […]

Can I order a prescription for financial piece of mind?

We know / that as busy medical professionals, it’s difficult to find time to prioritise your own plans.  For most doctors, your NHS Pension will underpin your plans to reduce hours/stop work altogether later on. However, there have been so many changes to the NHS Pension and pension legislation in […]

WE KNOW / “IR35” can cause confusion

On 6 April 2017 new rules came into play which meant that “public bodies” – and for the purpose of these rules, GP practices are classed as a public body – now have to decide whether off-payroll workers should be subject to the deduction of tax and national insurance contributions […]

Can I order a prescription for financial peace of mind please?

Amanda Cowie, director of RL Wealth discusses how we can help  medical professionals plan for their own financial future We Know / that medical professionals are so busy looking after others that it’s difficult for them to prioritise their own stuff. Over the past five years there has been so […]

WE KNOW / You are concerned about your Annual Pensions Saving Statement.

The NHS Pension Agency is now well into the issue of the 2016/17 Annual Pension Savings Statement to those individual whom the Agency believes has exceeded the Annual Allowance – and will therefore have a tax charge payable on 31 January 2018. The subject of pension provision and tax liabilities […]