Whether you are a Lawyer looking for Litigation Support and/or to instruct an Expert Witness, or you are a business owner facing or commissioning a financial fraud or regulatory investigation, Robson Laidler’s highly experienced Forensic Accountants can get to the bottom of the most complex issues.

As a Lawyer you may be asking:

“Who can I put forward to my client or to the Court as a highly experienced Expert Witness who has given evidence in Court on a number of occasions?”

As a business owner you may be asking:

“I’m not sure what is going on in my business – who can help take it any further and see if suspicions stack up?”


For Lawyers our solid expertise and reputation in Forensic Accounting work, can help you reach your goals.

Our Litigation Support services provide Expert witness reports and attendance at Court in such cases as:

  • Commercial disputes requiring share and business or goodwill valuations, breach of contract and loss of profits claims
  • Matrimonial disputes requiring share and business valuations and assessing the Tax implications of disposing or transferring assets
  • Directors’ disqualification proceedings
  • Criminal proceedings such as alleged business fraud and theft
  • Professional negligence claims and fee disputes
  • Personal Injury claims

For a wide range of businesses we provide expertise and support in:

  • Business interruption and Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) claims
  • Investigations into suspected wrongdoing by finance staff
  • Business and share valuations
  • Assisting mediation in business and shareholder disputes/disagreements
  • Tax planning around departing directors/employees/shareholders
  • Advice around partnership and shareholder agreements
  • HMRC investigations and claims

Why choose us?

Colin Fitzpatrick, one of the UK’s leading forensic accountants adds his knowledge and experience to that of director John Holbrook and business advisor Jack Spoor.

Colin has acted in over 500 commercial or HMRC disputes and as an Expert Witness in legal cases over more than 30 years. Colin was a founding member of Northern Disputes Resolution, a group formed in Newcastle to promote mediation, mainly to resolve commercial disputes. His vast expertise and knowledge and acute eye for detail can support any forensic and business investigation.

Colin Fitzpatrick
Forensic Accountant

John Holbrook

John Holbrook

Jack Spoor

Jack Spoor
Associate Director and Business Advisor

Get in touch:

Email if you’d like further details on our litigation support and business dispute services or call us on: 0191 281 8191.