HMRC will NEVER EVER send you an email or ring you to tell you that you are entitled to a tax refund. That is fact.

In the last week we have seen two different examples of scam emails pretending to be from HMRC saying a tax refund is waiting and that you just need to click on a link. Have a look at these images (the links are disabled!) – they look pretty genuine to the unsuspecting victim but they are completely bogus. Both have been reported to HMRC.


We are also aware of fraudsters telephoning, again pretending to be from HMRC, stating that you owe £X of tax and if you don’t pay the bailiffs will be coming around. Again you need to ignore this chicanery as HMRC would never ring you!

Never divulge your personal or financial information in such circumstances. You work hard for your money – don’t let criminals steal it.

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