I have just finished a phone call with John Wilson and felt I must put pen to paper. He has been an absolute star in explaining payroll and any queries I have had with staff queries. I have spoken to him a few times over the last couple of months since joining you and his professional, friendly manner has been second to none. You have a diamond in your payroll team and I cannot express my gratitude for John’s support and help.

All staff from receptionist to director at Robson Laidler have made us feel so welcome from your invite to a Christmas wreath making session to your excellent training in the Xero yesterday . I am so impressed I hope you don’t mind but I did endorse you to another PM in the area who is looking at accountants and whether she should change or not.

Often you have the initial meetings with potential new companies and they give you the sales pitch, which sounds good but then the follow up is not that great. Robson Laidler has delivered on every statement they spoke about in the beginning. I cannot thank you enough.

Credit where credit is due and I felt you should know you have a fabulous team working with you.

It is a pleasure doing business with you.”