“I have been very impressed with Robson Laidler’s response to COVID-19 and how well the team have communicated and kept clients up to date with developments in a fast moving environment which was effecting funding, employment of staff, clients and supply chains.

I found the interaction Robson Laidler took with clients including, one page summaries of the latest news and guidance on getting businesses back on track exceptionally useful and I have used them to help my own clients and associates. I was also exceptionally impressed with Robson Laidler’s offer of management, entrepreneur and Director skill courses to clients on a free of charge basis because it enabled us all to meet our Professional CPD requirements and use our time effectively and positively in otherwise challenging circumstances.

I am a Chartered Accountant based in Jersey and heavily involved in the Private Equity sector over the last 20 years. As such I have regular contact with many professional legal, consultancy and accountancy firms in the course of my work.

Admittedly, I am not an easy person to please and do not give compliments lightly but Robson Laidler deserve this praise and in my experience, have set themselves amongst the market leaders in their sector.”