How we have helped our clients with some real issues.

Helping a senior NHS Consultant understand changes in her NHS Pension and to retire earlier than planned


We’ll call our client Dr X, she had been a client of ours since 2009.  Throughout that time we had helped her consolidate some historical investments and provided ongoing advice around her NHS Pension – particularly because there had been lots of changes to tax legislation which has affected many of our clients who are members of the NHS Pension Scheme.

Helping a Power of Attorney make some good decisions to mitigate inheritance tax on her aunt’s estate


One of my clients contacted me to see how we could help. She was concerned about her elderly aunt’s finances. Her aunt (let’s call her Miss B) was a frail, 91 year old lady who was unable to make decisions for herself and had moved into a care home.

Using your pension to buy a commercial property


Why did Phil contact us? Phil, along with his two brothers, are business partners in a successful family printing firm. The business was doing well, and the brothers were planning for expansion. They rented business premises, which were becoming too small for their needs.