Robson Laidler has launched accelerator services to help people and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals and fast track growth.


Despite the coronavirus disruption Robson Laidler is still on track to turnover £5m this year and is embedding accelerator services into its overall offering to give businesses practical solutions to achieve success.


With more than 100 years’ experience supporting some of the region’s most successful businesses, the new service will be run by dedicated business advisors and includes business planning and strategy, coaching and accountability checking, motivational mapping and a new online e-learning platform – The RL Fellowship.


The RL Fellowship is a subscription service, which allows business owners and their staff to access custom courses, tools and diagnostics and take control of their own learning at their own pace.


Robson Laidler is also proud to be the first accountancy firm in the region to do Motivational Mapping – these identify, nurture and report on the intrinsic motivation of the business owner and their team and find strategies to help raise engagement, encourage teamwork and improve individual and business performance.


Business advisors Jack Spoor and Bob Evans are heading up the service line.  Jack said: “Being a business owner can be overwhelming, especially in the current climate. They may have cashflow pressure, no business strategy, poor policies or procedures or just generally feeling exhausted.


“We allow the business owner or manager to regain control putting together a plan, laying foundations for growth and allowing them to focus on what they do best. We start with a one-page plan, which is a simple yet effective tool for business and personal development, it’s easily understood by all stakeholders, employees, banks and strategic partners and we recommend that now, more than ever, is the time to put one in place.


“From this, we then create a bespoke solution to help you accelerate growth. This could include regular coaching, business intelligence dashboards or the adoption of online accountancy and financial software and apps to drive efficiencies.”


Robson Laidler MD Graham Purvis is an accredited team coach and leadership mentor and works specifically on motivational mapping and coaching. He said: “Our accelerator services are based on making a positive change to your life in the key areas of time, mind and finance. We start with an action plan that looks at your business and personal goals.  We believe that if your personal needs are met then business success will follow.


“The coronavirus pandemic saw a rise in business owners coming to us for all manners of business advice including practical solutions to help with cashflow, strategy advice for businesses that were pivoting and business intelligence.


“Now more than ever we need business owners and key personnel to understand that we are here for more than just a set of accounts or a tax return, we offer holistic business advice and create bespoke solutions to help people grow both personally as well as their business.”


To specifically help businesses that have been affected from coronavirus disruption Robson Laidler has a range of Restart and Recover services including health checks, cashflow forecasting, financial projections and strategies, and business intelligence dashboards.


Other accelerator products include Research and Development (R&D) tax credits preparation and virtual FD services.


Watch our video to show how we can help you accelerate your business and personal growth here. 


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If you’d like to learn more about Robson Laidler’s accelerator services, contact the team directly on to arrange a call to discuss what areas of your business needs attention and action.