From us all at Robson Laidler, we are thrilled to announce that our B Corp Impact Report has received official sign-off from B Lab UK!

We’d love to invite people to share our progress against the B Corp impact pillars during our first years of accreditation, and take a moment to read through our report here: Robson Laidler B Corp Impact Report 2023.

Our Impact Report showcases how with positive incremental changes, we have increased our B Impact Assessment score from 85.3 to 95.4. We are literally buzzing!

Our Impact Report details all that goes into making us a very proud B Corp including, how we’re working towards our mission to “make a positive difference to people’s lives”, our goals for the year ahead, as well as our challenges.

Our journey as a B Corp is a collective effort, and our staff and stakeholder’s contributions towards making a positive difference is what sets us apart. Whether it’s through  embracing sustainable practices, getting involved in community engagement, or fostering our culture of inclusivity, we really appreciate the team effort.

Our door is always open if anyone would like to learn anything about Robson Laidler’s B Corp strategy or indeed if you would like our support in helping you embark on your own environmental and social journey then our team of ESG advisors can help, please get in touch with us here.