We all have that one person around us who breaks all the ‘tech’.

Printers / computers go offline when these people are around; files get deleted and they don’t know what they’ve done, they can’t download the latest tunes (kids are doing this with their eyes closed!) Yep! You guessed it, that’s me!

So, when I was told we were making a move to the cloud and be working on a hosted system, with the view to helping our clients transition for Making Tax Digital, those who know me will know the dread that went through me!

Que: Deep breath and tears – this could go so wrong!

But actually I was wrong – I can’t believe how easy this is!

I can access my work from anywhere, help clients keep up to date with accurate records so they can see the impact each day has on their business. I can also upload receipts (via photos/scans/emails) and link them to specific transactions so they can be accessed easily when needed.

A whole host of things that can make your life easier!

Yeah, I hear you – “Really? Like what?”

How about being able to send a sales invoice to the client while you are at their premises completing the job?

You could even add options for them to pay electronically right there and then!

How about never losing your expense receipts – take a picture when you get it, it will be stored ready to be included in your records, so you will not miss out on the deduction.

Almost 50% of people miss out on an expense deduction due to lost receipts.

How about being able to review up to date records, find out who owes you money – and send chaser invoices.

You can also see what your profits are; are you spending to much in some areas? Can you draw that money? What’s your cashflow like? What creditors are due to be paid?

And even better – we at Robson Laidler are here to help you.

Yes ‘WE’, it is so easy.

I am part of the team helping you move your business in to the digital age. Please contact me, Stacey Rea, for more information on migrating to cloud: e: srea@robson-laidler.co.uk