Our mission at Robson Laidler is to enable individuals and businesses to gain more freedom, through expert advice at every stage of their journey.


We therefore aim to help create freedom of time, mind and financial freedom for all of our clients including our healthcare clients.


In recent years whether it be the lack of time resource, the additional burden of stress or the difficulty practices have faced to maintain strong financial performance, the pressure on healthcare professionals has certainly become a much heavier weight to bare.


So what exactly do we mean by these three freedoms that form a big part of who we as a firm are and why do we recognise that it is something that our clients should be aware of?


First of all time, in a world where most of us feel as though we are trying to beat the clock, whether it be feeling as though we have too much work to handle or trying to maintain a better work/lifestyle balance, the lack of time to do it all can impact on how motivated we are and consequently how productive we are. We often see time pressure as a threat and an unsolvable problem but actually we should view this as an opportunity to work smarter and see it as a challenge that needs solving.


How could we therefore work smarter with our time? We should ask ourselves the following:


  • Are we using the right software?
  • Are we structuring our time efficiently?
  • Are we wearing too many hats in our practice?
  • Are we delegating?
  • Are we practising proven time management techniques?


Secondly mind, the BMJ released an article this week which showed that GP’s were more stressed than international colleagues, with a very small number saying that they find their job extremely or very satisfying, with pressure and feeling over-burdened being the main reasons for this stress. Suggestions were made such as needing more time with patients and retaining the existing workforce as possible resolutions that would mitigate this stress but this won’t necessarily happen overnight and therefore practices should be looking at other ways to reduce this stress.


How can we therefore reduce this stress? We should ask ourselves the following:


  • Do we practice mindsets?
  • How open is our communication with our teams?
  • Do we plan ahead for what could be achieved or just look back at what has been achieved?
  • Are we doing work we don’t need to do?
  • Are we utilising everyone’s skills sets efficiently?


Finally, Financial! Financial freedom is about understanding your finances and using that knowledge to take control of the future. Practices do, and rightly so, put the care of their patients first however the financial side of the business should not be put aside altogether. Practices need to keep on top of their income and expenditure and plan ahead.


How can you improve your financial freedom? Again, we should ask ourselves the following:


  • Do we prepare budgets?
  • Do we set SMART goals and objectives or KPI’s?
  • Do we use automated software that can be efficiently kept up to date?
  • Do we prepare cashflows?
  • Do we look at our finances more than just once per year?


At Robson Laidler, we can support you in creating a business that supports your lifestyle. We can work with you to create these three freedoms by being there to support you with these decisions whether it be helping you with business reviews, budgets and forecasts or by helping you with business strategy and coaching, team engagement and culture planning. Your journey is important to us.