Take your first steps in Freelancing and launch your new career

With the right preparation and research, freelance work can be a lucrative and rewarding alternative to being an employee. More and more professionals, both at the beginning of their career and towards the end, are recognising the potential of freelance work either as a supplement to their regular earnings or as a replacement, giving them more freedom and more control over their work lives. Advantages of the freelance path include:

  • More influence over your own professional destiny;
  • A better work/life balance;
  • The potential for you to build skills and experiences in areas previously closed to you as an employee;
  • A career path that is only limited by your own ability to produce quality work and to network.

There are challenges to freelance work, but given the correct approach these can be overcome, indeed meeting the challenges could potentially develop more opportunities. If you decide freelancing is for you then you may wish to consider the following key tips:

  • Hit the ground running by researching the area you’re interested in and developing a brand identity with an online presence that reflects it.
  • Make sure you maintain momentum by hitting the deadlines and innovating to surprise your clients. Use social networks and contacts to market yourself – take opportunities when they arise.
  • Keep your eyes on the goal by keeping track of invoices, keeping up-to-date with the financial side of your freelancing work including researching the tax breaks that you could take advantage of. You may be able to reduce your tax bill by being aware of the deductions that you can make for working from home or buying equipment.

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