What does it mean to me and my people?

With most journeys you take you are likely to check a map. A map helps you understand the route you need to take to get to your destination – or goal.

Motivation is energy; it is what fuels us to take the journey. Without motivation we are unlikely to set out in the direction we want to go – towards our goals.

Motivational Maps describe, measure, and monitor motivation. They make our invisible emotional drives visible and quantifiable. Knowing what motivates us and our team and how to reward on this basis drives higher levels of energy, greater levels of performance and productivity and increases our satisfaction with life.

When it comes to annual performance appraisals or personal development reviews how do you know how your team like to be rewarded? We assume money is the answer, but money may not be a motivating factor for all. It is important to find out your teams’ motivating factors, what is meaningful to each individual? –  And reward on this basis.

Understanding motivators and adapting the way you work, communicate and reward your team should help you achieve better results, and generate longer term commitment and satisfaction.

We use motivational maps in a variety of ways designed to suit your culture and the application can range from the full employee life cycle (recruitment, development, promotion, retention, exit) as well as strategy, change and customer engagement.

Our top 5 ways to use Motivational Maps are;

  1. Staff Survey

The purpose of this is to increase self-awareness and create strategies to increase motivation. Managers will understand what motivates them and their teams. We can start with one team or department or map all employees. Results can be discussed 1-2-1 or can be fed to the Manager, advising on motivation strategies. This can be developed into ongoing feedback and coaching sessions. These are usually repeated annually and can form part of the appraisal/review process.

  1. Supervise Performance

The Map can be used to support an employee who is underperforming and their Manager. Blocks to motivation and their source can be identified and further support offered to help the employee find strategies to overcome the blocks.

  1. Appraisals / Development Plan

This is ideal for someone who’s about to start a new role or at the start of a personal development programme or can be run at annual appraisals. The employee completes the Map and has 1-2-1 coaching to create a 90-day plan to help them settle into their roles quickly, identify what and who they need and demonstrate a level of confidence and identify development needs.

      4. Recruitment and Promotion

For an interview the information can be used to create questions to understand the fit between the individual’s motivators and the vacancy. You may also wish to map top performers in a particular team and use the language which suit these motivators in advertising the vacancy.

        5. Coaching

Here our goal is to help people who are highly skilled but demotivated or looking for a change. These are often employees with relatively long service. The Map helps establish their needs and current emotional situation and sometimes at the end to assess progress.