Positive Difference

As a B Corp we absolutely believe in Business Being a Force for Good and it’s important for us to carry on a bit of “cheerleading” in this area. Every month we highlight content, which showcases the positive difference businesses are making together with data and insights on how to create a better world…

Business as a force for good

Data on Purpose

Which gender has more purpose in their life?

Does purpose in life grow as you get older?

Does your environment make a difference?

What jobs are the most purposeful?

Answers to these questions and more can be found here in this article from the Greater Good Magazine.


 The future of purpose

This is a really interesting watch around the future of purpose and the changes in business and society over the next 10 years. The conversation, hosted by Andrew Hill, FT, with Alison Rose, CEO NatWest, Prof. Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School, Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, CEO, and writer, and Nilesh Dosa, icanyoucantoo, was stark, honest, and hopeful.


36 Ways to Live Differently

Peruse these thought-provoking suggestions for living a happier, more meaningful life. Pick some ones that resonate with you and try them out.

pencil ways

Tipping points

The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), the watchdog set up in the wake of Brexit, has released its first report on the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. It finds that existing laws are failing to slow the damage to the natural world. “Our rivers are in a poor state, bird and other species numbers are in serious decline, poor air quality threatens the health of many, and our seas and sea floor are not managed sustainably,” Dame Glenys Stacey, chair of the OEP, told the BBC. The OEP identifies a number of environmental tipping points – when long-term declines become irreversible and catastrophic – which are fast approaching in the UK, including fisheries collapse, loss of wildlife, and dead rivers. The Guardian covered the news, while Wildlife and Countryside Link urged the government to “heed the warning” of the report.

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Advanced recycling: Opportunities for growth

It’s no surprise that sustainability is on the minds of both companies and consumers. Many companies have made public commitments to sell goods that have less impact on the environment, and consumers want to buy products made from recycled plastics. This may be an opportunity for advanced-recycling technologies, which could expand the recycling landscape and produce plastics that are suited for applications such as packaging for food. Check out a new article that explores how this could be a major win for consumers, companies, and the environment.


 Paper saves Coral

Check out this short BBC video showcasing the nature-inspired artwork of JR CHUO, a 19-year-old from Suffolk. The Cambridge University student has been using traditional Japanese paper cutting techniques to create pieces inspired by coral reefs, which he hopes in turn could help replace reefs damaged by coral bleaching and raise awareness of climate change. Each piece consists of 2,000 to 20,000 hand-cut shapes.


Investing in Degrowth

This white paper by Jennifer Wilkins and Bill Murphy, both of whom are based in New Zealand, focuses on the changes that the investment community could make, asking them to consider the feasibility of funding the transition to a new economy that no longer supports economic activities that fall outside safe ecological and fair social boundaries. It urges them to deeply consider the purpose of their investment strategy and whether they are willing to place their capital into projects that provide a more inclusive set of returns in order to bring about an economic revolution that could not only save humanity from a crisis but propel it toward a new ideal.


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