We are very proud to have achieved the top level of ‘Maintaining Excellence’ standard in the Better Health at Work Award programme.

As the region’s first B Corp certified organisation Robson Laidler runs on the triple bottom line principles of People; Planet: Profit with each having equal importance. We have several health advocates that help to plan and execute health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year.


The Better Health at Work Award is exclusive to the North East of England and promotes workplace health and wellbeing. Robson Laidler was awarded this maintaining excellence status after following the awards programme for seven years with an impressive lineup of activities including; health checks, cancer awareness sessions, Dementia Friends training and physical activity classes including a walking and running club.


We have also appointed staff as qualified Mental Health First Aiders, Domestic Violence Champions, and Grief First Aiders and have a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion project team who have facilitated DEI and Neurodiversity training for staff, created rooms as dedicated spaces for prayer and redesigned bereavement guidelines to accommodate religious specific rituals.


Health advocate Gemma Graham said: “As a B Corp we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose and as such employee wellbeing is embedded in everything we do.


“We set, measure and review goals to ensure we continue our business as a “force for good”, living our purpose of “making a positive difference to people’s lives.”


“We have a calendar of health and wellness campaigns and workshops that run throughout the year to ensure our staff have access to support outside of their day job.


“We received extremely positive feedback on the campaigns we ran during this award-period, which will help us to tailor future activities.”

Robson Laidler also offers flexible and agile working as well as communal games areas with a snooker table to encourage team building. Managers have recently gained Level 3 training in Managing Mental Health within the workplace. All staff have access to a Mental Health Continuum and Stay Well at Work Plan to help them manage their own mental health at work and understand when and where to seek support.

More info: www.robson-laidler.co.uk/about/