You’re always looking for ways to improve your Estate Agency, but running a business means splitting your attention between many different tasks. How do you know what’s actually productive towards your goals and what’s just an energy sap? 


Whatever your ambitions are — like expanding to more locations, increasing profits or enhancing customer service — it’s hard to make plans for the future when you’re stuck in the day to day. By using these three tips to free up headspace, you’ll have more freedom of mind, money and time to work towards your dreams. 


  • Make a plan 

Putting a plan down on paper is a great way to free up mental space. When you lay things out for yourself, you’re no longer spending time or energy thinking about “what ifs” or  “what nows.” You know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going and what it takes to get there. 

Some ways to make your plan as productive as possible are:

  • Have a Timeline – when you think about achieving your goal, are you content to do it in five years? Ten years? Whenever you get around to it? Or do you want to make it happen as soon as you can? By setting a timeline, you’re holding yourself accountable and making these tasks a priority. 
  • Break it Down – you can’t achieve a goal by jumping from A to Z. Listing out the steps you’ll take and the short-term tasks you’ll complete to achieve a long-term goal will help give you direction and confidence. 
  • Measure Progress – another great way to hold yourself accountable to your plan is finding ways to measure your progress. Whatever form this takes financial reports to measure profitability, surveys with clients to gauge customer service you can schedule in monthly or quarterly meetings to review your progress and ensure you’re staying on track.  


It can be difficult to break down your ambitions and the steps you’ll take to achieve them on your own. At Robson Laidler, we help business owners regain control by putting together a solid, one-page plan for both personal and business goals. With this foundation in place, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your dreams. Learn more here


  • Play to your strengths 

None of us are perfect. Playing to your strengths means prioritising the tasks that you’re best at and delegating those that bring you less success to others. When you’re not worried about losing hours on something that isn’t productive for you, you’ll have more headspace to focus on what you do best. 

There are several ways to test what your strengths are in business. At Robson Laidler, we use Motivational Mapping activities. These are tools used to identify and nurture your motivational profile, like your core motivators, strengths and potential weaknesses. They can be used individually or as a team to help find strategies to raise engagement, encourage teamwork and improve overall performance. 

  • Be kept accountable 

We talked above about keeping yourself accountable while working towards your goals. However, you can only get so far on your own. The most successful business owners know when it’s time to ask for help. Having someone like a business coach or a mentor checking in, asking for updates and scheduling monthly or quarterly meetings to review your progress keeps you motivated to work towards your goals. They can also remove the burden of trying to plan where you’re going on your own or the steps you’ll take to get there. 


At Robson Laidler, we specialise in helping Estate Agency owners understand their business and find new opportunities for growth. It all starts with a business planning session, where we’ll work with you to understand your ambitions, both business and personal. Then, through solid record keeping, training, regular coaching and reports, we’ll lay down the path that leads to your dreams. 


You can explore our dedicated page for Estate Agency Owners here, and see how we help you understand what’s happening in your business so you have the confidence, cash and time to grow.