It’s a well-known expression and one that we at Robson Laidler Wealth focus 100% of our client time on.

To us, working with our clients is not about selling products, we’re always thinking about our clients’ plans and how we might help achieve them with good financial planning.

Our priority is developing a robust plan to get our clients to the place they need to be financially and making changes when needed from time to time.

This might include phasing down their work life/selling a company/giving money away to loved ones or even making sure that their nearest and dearest are well provided for in the future if the worst were to happen to them.

You might be thinking, why involve a financial planner?  Good question.

Ask yourself…

  1. Will I take the time out to consider my future plans?
  2. Is this something that my partner and I can agree on?
  3. Do I have the knowledge about different tax wrappers that might be appropriate for my future needs?
  4. Have I got the knowledge around investing for the future?
  5. Am I disciplined enough to sacrifice current spending to ensure that I achieve my future goals?
  6. Do I have the confidence to stick with the plan or will I react when there is a headline about the investment markets.

If no, then time to involve a trusted adviser who you can work with on an ongoing basis and ensure that your plans become a reality.