For those who don’t already know, Robson Laidler is a member of the UK200Group.

We are members of the UK200Group because it helps us, and in turn our clients, to benefit in several ways, from enhanced training and resources to strict quality standards, opportunities to collaborate and much more.

So who are the UK200Group and how does this benefit clients?

The UK200Group is a membership association of leading independent and quality approved chartered accountancy and law firms.

By being a member of the UK200Group we are in effect both the 10th largest accountancy firm and the 29th largest law firm in the UK based on our combined turnover.

Being part of the UK200Group means we have additional support, services, and expertise to offer to clients. Not many other local firms can offer this depth and breadth.

Specific things that we have access to that help our clients include:

  • National. International. Through our network we reach all parts of the world. Which means we’ve either got the answer for you ourselves, or we know a person who has via our network.
  • We are one of a select number of members of the UK200Group.


The UK200Group is fussy about who can become a member to keep standards high.

Which means you can be sure that we are one of the best firms, with some of the highest standards, to help you, whatever your needs.

Always growing, always learning. Through our regular training sessions, sector specific groups and specialist panels, we keep up to date and abreast of changes and developments. Which means you know that you always have the latest and most practical advice coming your way.

Being a member of the UK200Group shows how we are committed to, and investing in, our ongoing development, network and skills.  And we do all of this with our clients in mind.

If we can help you in any way, or if you would like to know more about our services, please do get in touch with us.

Here is a infographic to show you how working with us can benefit you even more:

Robson Laidler Messaging infographic