Positive Difference

As a B Corp we absolutely believe in Business Being a Force for Good and it’s important for us to carry on a bit of “cheerleading” in this area. Every month we highlight content, which showcases the positive difference businesses are making together with data and insights on how to create a better world…

Business as a force for good

Being an ethical business

This starts with your organisational culture, which in turn is seeded and germinated by your values and behaviours. Our own Liam Crowe is a Trustee of the North East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE for short). NIBE promote awareness of the importance of doing business ethically and look to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. To that end they have produced a useful toolkit on business ethics. Any business who wants to be a force for good should take a look at this comprehensive resource here



The Purpose Collective    

On the subject of our friends, can we also point you in the direction of Chris, Sarah and Alberto at the Purpose Collective. Every month they host a free hour online session where the subject matter is…of course  “Purpose”. There are some great guest speakers who share their insights together with the chance to engage with like-minded members of the community for some truly uplifting and inspiring conversations. Details on upcoming sessions and the chance to connect can be found via their LinkedIn page here


Purpose collective


Professional Services

In last month’s issue we highlighted Charles Wookey’s plea to the professional services industry to help businesses commit to a purpose beyond profit. Continuing in the vein of highlighting our own business sector; news this month is that Green Alliance have teamed up with Deloitte on a project to assess where professional service firms should direct their expertise and resources to make the biggest positive impact on the environment. We look forward to hearing more on how this project develops and how our sector can prioritise environmental objectives and lead a green business transition. You can read more about this here





And in case you missed it…5 things we learnt from the report, released this month, by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


Local Community & Economy

A movement gaining traction is that of localisation. Localisation is a process of bringing the economy back to a human scale, by creating economic structures that enable communities to obtain more of the goods and services they need locally and regionally. Its perceived benefits go far beyond economic: it can strengthen community cohesion, improve human health, reduce our environmental impact, lessen the power of multinational corporations, close the inequality gaps, and support both cultural and biological diversity.

This guide, created by Local Futures, provides tools and resources to support the building of resilient local economies and flourishing local communities.


climate change

Valuing Health for All

In a brief released this month, the WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All proposes a preliminary framework for building up an economy that values planetary health, human health and wellbeing, and the diverse social foundations and activities that promote equity.

“Economics has until now measured the price of everything and the value of nothing. That needs to change now. We need to measure the value of everything – the things that truly matter. We need to revalue health and wellbeing – and its sustenance through care without financial burden – as the central measure of success in society and economy.” Here’s the link to the briefing paper.

WHO council


And finally…

This week’s Positive News


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