Robson Laidler had its first TV debut last night featuring on the BBC Look North programme.

The programme discusses The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s Good Work Pledge’ of which Robson Laidler are an accredited business, achieving high standards across the five pillars of Good Work Practice, which are:

  1. Promoting Health and Wellbeing
  2. Developing a Balanced Workforce
  3. Valuing and Rewarding your Workforce
  4. Effective Communications & Representation
  5. Demonstrate a Social Responsibility

Specifically the BBC showcased our commitment to the 1st pillar of promoting health and wellbeing, where they filmed our lunchtime Pilates session and the 5th pillar of social responsibility by filming our litter picking group. All simple, yet effective ideas, which are easy to implement in any work place.

Robson Laidler’s managing director Graham Purvis was interviewed during the BBC’s visit, he said: “It’s all about having a bit of a soul – the impact of this business being more than a financial return for the owners of this business. Why would you not want to be part of creating a better world, a better local community, and a better place for your people to work.”

To learn more about Robson Laidler’s outstanding company culture, you can visit our about page, and scroll to the bottom to find our company culture video.

Thank you to Richard Moss at the BBC for showcasing our business within this piece.