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The key notes of the trustees’ report

trustee report

There are three notes in a charity trustees’ report which often contain inaccuracies. (As mentioned in previous blog entitled, What should be included in a Trustees’ report? These are: Reserves policy Key management remuneration Public benefit These notes are often misunderstood or do not contain correct information, so these have […]

What should be included in a trustees’ report?

trustee report

Charities are vital for the support, encouragement, and enhancement of people’s lives, but during the Coronavirus pandemic they have gone the extra mile to support those in need and have shown an admirable resilience. Charities must provide evidence of the impact they deliver to the people they support, especially to […]

Converting Corporate Charitable Companies to Charitable Incorporated Organisations


After considerable delays, the Government has at last produced secondary legislation which will enable corporate charitable companies to convert to become charitable incorporated organisations (“CIOs”). CIOs now account for over 50% of all charity registration. There have been approximately 8,000 new CIOs registered since the introduction of this new legal […]