Robson Laidler has launched a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory service to support businesses with sustainability awareness, assessment, training and reporting.

As an accredited B Corporation, Robson Laidler is already a business that meets the highest standards in social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. An exclusive team will now deliver specific advice on how to make a positive difference and build a truly sustainable business, including, ESG strategy creation, sustainability workshops, measurement and reporting as well as carbon accounting and tax incentives.

We have also developed an online ESG assessment tool, which can be used to instantly identify areas to build a business that is ready for the future.

Our wealth management team RL Wealth will also provide focused pension options for employees and financial planning advice for directors with ESG considerations.

Robson Laidler associate director Jack Spoor said: “Growing concerns about social and environmental issues as well as more attention being given to legal obligations to disclose climate-related information, has led to greater interest in how businesses are governed, overseen and should operate in a responsible way.

“Specifically, businesses are increasingly expected to consider purpose as well as profit, and the future of our planet and its people. With so many aspects of ESG to consider, guidance from experienced professionals can help to ensure consistency and accuracy in this overwhelming and hot topic subject area. Receiving professional guidance can also help to avoid greenwashing and misinterpretation of green credentials.

“Our ESG team are professional accountants, tax advisors and wealth managers who can create tailored ESG plans that work for businesses across all sectors and industries.

“By showing your businesses dedication to making a positive difference, not only do you make a positive impact to the world around you, but you make your business a more attractive employer, attract investment opportunities and stay competitive.”

Alongside the ESG services is a coaching portal – The RL Fellowship – where clients can access materials to help them in building ESG strategies.

Robson Laidler will work with partner organisations in the ESG space to help deliver the service including Sustainable Business Services, based in Newcastle and York, which measures a business’ entire carbon footprint and sets targets to attain clean growth in a bid to meet net zero targets by 2050 as issued by the Government.

Recent data from a business tracking report that surveyed 1000 UK businesses, shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) of medium and large businesses viewed ESG as a key component of their business strategy in 2023, with half (49%) already implementing policies, whereas only one in five (17%) small businesses have done the same. *

Robson Laidler MD Graham Purvis said: “Our primary incentive is to assist businesses on their journeys to becoming a force for good. This represents a significant challenge for a lot of organisations and incorporates a wide range of issues relating to environmental sustainability, social responsibilities, and robust governance. Getting to grips with ESG should be a vital sustainable growth strategy in all businesses. Not only is it good for the planet and climate change but it opens doors to new customers, aids with team retention and can give a competitive advantage in a crowded market.”

Robson Laidler is hosting an introduction to ESG workshop at the Magic Hat Café in Newcastle on 17 May. People can book via Eventbrite:

* Source: Savanta | UK Business Tracker