Last year, Nadine Morrison took a career change, and is now undergoing her qualifications in payroll!

For National Payroll Week 2023, we’ve asked Nadine some questions to see how she’s finding her new career.


What did you do before working in payroll?

I was an Administration Assistant.


What at the time was your impression of how payroll worked?

I assumed they worked out peoples pay and paid them usually at the end of every month. Literally just that. If I am being honest I did wonder what they did for the rest of the month.


Why did you consider a career in payroll?

I felt unfulfilled and wanted more. I wanted to feel like I could be proud of myself.


What qualification are you currently studying for?

Payroll Level 3.


Now you are working in payroll, has your impression of what payroll is changed? If so, how?

My impression has certainly changed. I had no idea before. I wrongly thought they only worked out peoples pay; I had no idea they also dealt with pensions or deductions with things like child maintenance or non-payment of council tax.

I had no idea how much knowledge the team needed to possess to do the job, I totally underestimated everything. I find myself either in awe of how much knowledge the payroll team has or in terror of how much I still have to learn.


What would you say are the trickiest aspects of payroll?

Remembering everything and dealing with the pressure of what must be the most emotive subject to most people. The tight deadlines add a lot of pressure, and there are no excuses or hiding from your mistakes (which I do make). You have to hold your hands up and find a way of putting it right.


What are the rewarding parts of payroll?

Being able to reflect at the end of each month knowing that our clients and their families are taken care of as a result of our teams work!


Have you any comments for someone thinking of a career in payroll?

Go for it but be prepared. It’s great leaving on the last day of the month with a sense of achievement I have met my clients’ needs. We don’t always receive, nor expect praise, but when I have heard nothing from my clients or their employees, this is because we have done a good job!

Be aware that is often about solving problems and not just clicking a few buttons every month. It is a job that should command a lot of respect; I am sure it does to those that do it, maybe not so much from those who don’t understand it.