What a time to be in business! Fine if you are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos or own a takeaway coffee van!  We recognise however that some business owners are having a very stressful time and that’s why we are working closely with our Wealth Management team to help clients see the bigger picture of their finances long term.

During these times it’s important to have business advisers who you can trust.  We’ve had great feedback from our clients on how well we have supported them; keeping them up to date with the government assistance schemes and how to apply, as well as claiming furlough payments for their staff via our payroll department.

Many of our clients now have a clearer picture of how 2021 will look and are set to get back on track quickly.

We feel it’s important for business owners to have the same peace of mind about their personal finances too and that’s why our Wealth team and Business Advisers work closely together.  It’s pretty obvious, but your business and personal finances are likely to be tightly interlinked.  If your business has a bad year it can have a serious impact on the health of your personal finances/the value of your business and when you can eventually retire.

Over the past year RL Wealth team has provided reassurance to our mutual clients. Having ongoing personal financial advice from someone who understands your business and knows what you are looking to achieve long term is invaluable.

During stock market volatility in February/March last year they provided guidance, which stopped clients overreacting and making expensive mistakes that could have affected their future.

Being able to talk to someone you can trust reduces anxiety and can give you peace of mind.