The coronavirus pandemic has been a wake-up call for many of us in various senses, but especially when it comes to finances.

That’s why the theme of this year’s Good Money Week is ‘Clean Slate Green Slate’, encouraging people to consider green investment options, particularly as nearly 40% of us are now likely to revamp our finances as a result of this wake-up call.

Only 15% of people in the UK surveyed said they knew the meaning of ethical investing, so there is clearly a job to be done on sharing the benefits of ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible finance.

On a basic level, green investment options diverts money away from companies that are guilty of irresponsible behaviour when it comes to the environment, human rights and equality, and instead is invested in funds that will have a positive impact on those things.


We are all making cleaner, greener choices when it comes to household products and renewable energy providers. Likewise, your bank, pension, savings and investments could all have a positive impact on the planet.


Visit the Good Money Week website to learn more about how you can build upon your investment portfolio, better than ever before.


Here are also some suggested actions!


  • Download the beginners guide to green, clean and kind money.
  • Ask your employer for a net zero workplace pension
  • Open or switch to an ethical or sustainable investment or savings account
  • Invest just £5 in a positive impact investment platform
  • Tweet your bank to ask if they support a net zero future
  • Tweet your charity to ask how it invests your donations
  • Ask your faith organisation how it invests its money
  • Speak to us about sustainable and ethical investment options
  • Tweet and Facebook Good Money Week and tell them what you’ve done using #cleanslategreenslate and #GoodMoneyWeek
  • Subscribe to the Good Money Week Newsletter


Our Wealth team have developed new investment portfolios where you only invest in organisations, which make a positive difference in terms of the environment and the lives of those who work for them.

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