This week is Financial Planning Week and to support this we have asked our staff to give us their own thoughts on their own financial planning priorities, in hope that this might give others some inspiration and ideas when it comes to planning for themselves.


Here’s a great read from Emma Purvis our Operations & Compliance Manager…


38, divorced and renting my home…sounds like a terrible dating website bio right? However, it’s not. This is me and this is my life and it’s not too bad at all.


Working in the financial planning industry, some might say I should have had more of a ‘plan’ but everybody has their own set of circumstances and/or constraints and you never know the full story until you ask the right questions.


What I do know, is that there comes a time in your life where planning becomes the most important thing to help you achieve your goals and financial security.

Now in a new long-term relationship, my partner and I set ourselves a target to save a 25% deposit for our first family home. This is a huge deal when you have various other outgoings and are starting with a nil balance and no equity from a previous property, but I’m both proud and pleased to say we are 100% on target and this time next year I will be typing a blog from the comfort of our beautiful new home. It’s been a long hard slog but without a ‘plan’ and a target to work towards it wouldn’t have been impossible.


Once I’m on the property ladder and settled in, following numerous trips to Ikea, my next focus is on my pension and continuing with my regular savings to build an emergency fund and a nest egg for my retirement. Now that I know I can both budget, live and save – it shows planning makes sense.


This week Robson Laidler Wealth is supporting the CISI Financial Planning Week and will be giving free advice on family budgeting, financial planning and how you can begin.

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