Continuing with our series of blog posts from members of our team on what’s important to them when planning their financial future, here’s some thoughts from Megan Dimmick, wealth administrator…


As a recently turned 21-year-old and a generation Z, financial planning would usually be the last thing on my mind – if it wasn’t for my job of course!

Financial planning is often associated with later life and planning for retirement, therefore it isn’t uncommon for people to push it back and think about it later. However, my job has taught me that it is never too early to begin planning – there are always upcoming events throughout people’s lives which require financial thought. For example I, like most others in my age group, am looking to get onto the property ladder in the next few years. Without some element of savings or at least getting a plan in place to begin saving, purchasing my first home would not be possible. And let’s face it, do we really want to be living with our parents forever?

Before I started working, the word ‘pension’ meant very little to me. I was only 18, I was not due to be auto enrolled into the company pension scheme until age 22 so why should I need to even consider a pension at that age? That is where pensions are misconceived in our generation; “Well that money is better off in my pocket now surely?” That is where people are wrong – it may be scary thinking that far ahead, but the more money saved into a pension pot, the better. The way I look at it, why not give up a very small portion of your pay packet just now (which you don’t actually miss as it is deducted at source), and enjoy a better life in retirement, whilst getting free money from the government in the process – it is a no brainer!


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