This week we are supporting the CISI Financial Planning Week and will be giving free advice on family budgeting, financial planning and how you can begin.

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Throughout the week each member of our team will be considering what’s important to them about planning their financial futures.


So, we will kick off with thoughts from myself and my wife and business partner Amanda.


From the beginning we wanted to make sure our own proper lifestyle financial planning was in place before we would consider recommending any products to clients.


The real light bulb moment for us came when Amanda and I saw a presentation about a new piece of software leading adviser firms were using to collaborate with their clients.  We were very impressed and agreed to subscribe to the software ourselves and start implementing it in our business.


We used our own financial position as the first live case and were able to build our initial financial plan incorporating our own finances as well as our agreed objectives for important events we wanted to achieve in the future.  These included our planned retirement age, the time when our two daughters might need some help with living costs or getting on the housing ladder and whether we could afford our future travel plans.


The best part of our job is hearing our clients talk with passion about the things that are important to them.  This is never about what investment fund they are in or what pension product they use but usually about real life issues like looking after their family, maintaining their lifestyle or leaving a legacy to help the next generation.  It’s great when we can help them “see” what their financial future could look like and some of the actions they may need to take to ensure the desired outcome.


Why not ask yourself some of the following questions.  If you can answer them with confidence you’ve probably already got a plan in place.  If you can’t answer, maybe we need to have a chat and help you start the journey.


  • When will I be financially independent – i.e. not needing to work to maintain your lifestyle.?
  • What are the top 3 things I want to achieve in the future and what do I need to do to make them happen?
  • If disaster struck would my family be able to cope financially?
  • What level of investment risk (and therefore likely investment return) do I need to take to make sure I can stop working at my planned retirement date?
  • Can I give money away to my family and still have enough for the lifestyle I want?

Don’t miss the opportunity to book a free 1-hour online chat with one of our qualified financial planners. Email us for your slot here:

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