It’s 2019. Perhaps you are recovering from the festive excess in more ways than one?! You think, OK, it’s time to take stock. Sort things out. Stop putting important things off. Or is that just me?

You may have already done some thinking ahead, booked the holiday, made enquiries about the new car. We’re all quite good at planning for the short term – the fun stuff. But what about the long term? That might look a bit scary, less fun. So, it’s easy to put things off and concentrate on the now. We’re all busy, right?

But, that nagging question just doesn’t go away. “Will I be financially OK in the future”?

Where do you even start?

It starts with you, but it’s supported by people like us.

Ask yourself. “Where am I now?” Where do I want to get to? That could be retiring before 60, selling your business, helping your children through University and on to the housing ladder or even passing on wealth to your family. We all have different priorities.

5 easy tips to get you started:

1. Have a good look at last year’s expenditure. Not difficult, take 30 minutes to look at your internet banking transactions/your statement. Most people under-egg what they spend. Be honest with yourself.
2. If you are consistently overspending (think Dickens Mr Micawber) take control. Set a budget and stick to it. Look at reducing your fixed costs.
3. Set some goals – these might be to reduce/eradicate debts, establish some kind of Emergency Cash Fund (typically 6 month’s fixed expenditure is good if possible).
4. Think about what is important to you. What will make you happier, reducing your debts/retiring earlier or another expensive handbag?
5. If, after all that, there is a surplus, think about how this could work best for you in achieving your longer term goals.

What if you could talk to someone about what’s important to you? Someone who was interested and understood your situation, who could pull everything together and put together a plan.

We know / how to help you

• Plan for the long term
• Stay on track
• Be tax efficient
• Invest in a way that meets your needs
• Ensure your loved one’s are provided for if the worst happened
• Achieve your financial goals

We’d like to help you make a start. Build your confidence and trust. Establish a plan and give you the financial peace of mind that we all hope for. We’ve invested in some fantastic software which shows you your financial future and helps you make those big decisions with confidence. We already work with lots of medical professionals, business owners, those on the cusp of retiring and those already retired. Many of our clients are still accumulating wealth, other are trying to decumulate and pass wealth on.

Don’t put it off any longer. We’ll provide the coffee.