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What Expenses Can You Claim As A Dental Associate?

Dentist expenses receipt

Here is a quick start guide to what expenses you can claim as a dental associate: Professional Subscriptions: Professional Indemnity – MPS, MDU, DDU, etc. General Dental Council ICO Royal College of Surgeons Dental magazine subscriptions   Training: Training courses that help you: Improve skills and knowledge you currently use […]

How Long Do You Need To Keep Business Financial Records For?

Filing cabinet containing business records

How long do you need to keep business financial records? Ever wondered about the optimal duration to retain those crucial financial records? Well, according to HMRC regulations, businesses are advised to keep their financial records for a span of 6 years post the accounting year end. However, the importance of holding […]

What happens if you don’t file your tax return before 31st January?

What happens if you don’t file your tax return on time? You should have filed your 2023 Personal Tax Return and Partnership Tax Returns by 31 January 2024. If you did not file on time HMRC will charge an automatic £100 penalty to individuals. For a late submission of a […]

Robson Laidler maintains ‘excellence status’ in workplace health

Gemma Graham Better Health at Work Award 2024

We are very proud to have achieved the top level of ‘Maintaining Excellence’ standard in the Better Health at Work Award programme. As the region’s first B Corp certified organisation Robson Laidler runs on the triple bottom line principles of People; Planet: Profit with each having equal importance. We have […]