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Later life planning – a demographic necessity

Later life financial planning

As a recent report from the Office of National Statistics highlights that we are living much longer than previous generations, it is becoming increasingly more important to get later life planning in place. The fastest growing age group is those aged 85 or over and this is expected to double over […]

We Know / you want to see our new video

Robson Laidler Wealth video

Robson Laidler Wealth are here to support you in your lifestyle goals and objectives. We’re all quite good at planning for the short term, but what about the long term? Robson Laidler Wealth are here to help you answer the question; “Will I be financially OK in the future?” Our new video showcases […]

Business Breakthrough Questions.

Business breakthrough

What can business owners learn from a 3 year-old? If a 3-year-old can ask an obvious question, then can’t we all ask great questions? On a sunny winter’s day in 1943 Jennifer (3-years old) asked a question of her dad. Edwin Land had just taken Jennifer’s picture with his favourite […]

Equity Market Review 2018 – the importance of taking the long-term view

Janus Vatican

2018 marked a generally negative year for global equity markets.  Despite positive returns experienced in the first 3 quarters of the year the final quarter saw major global indices turn down, largely as a result of fears of trade disputes between US and China. The fourth quarter equity market decline […]

Top Tips for Financial Planning

Financial planning meeting

It’s 2019. Perhaps you are recovering from the festive excess in more ways than one?! You think, OK, it’s time to take stock. Sort things out. Stop putting important things off. Or is that just me? You may have already done some thinking ahead, booked the holiday, made enquiries about […]