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Covid-19: Let’s get cash back into your business

money into business

As the pandemic continues to grow in the UK, businesses are currently faced with extremely difficult conditions and for most companies, business as usual is not an option. Due to the rapid spread of the virus and enforced lockdowns, for many, sales are minimal to negligible and businesses are being hit […]

Getting paid in a COVID-19 world

getting paid

In these uncertain times, it has never been more important to maintain sufficient funds or cash within your business. We have also recently recorded a video that gives more information how to help you get paid. Watch it here.    Cash is the oxygen that businesses need to survive, particularly […]

Covid-19: Identifying Waste

wasting time

In these truly strange times, many of you will find yourself in a position you’ve never been in before. We want to help you use this time wisely, so you bounce back better and more profitable than before.   The main message is you are not alone, and we are […]

Covid-19: Profit Improvement


Before the coronavirus mayhem, we held a successful event named 7 Ways to Grow your Business. The result of each of the 7 ways is; increased profit. Profit is: Profit = Sales – Direct costs – Overheads You have four choices right now: Do Nothing Retreat Take Normal Amounts of […]

Landlords and Tenants – COVID-19 summary

advice for landlords

Our tax director Martin Wardle gives his summary of the official guidance that has been released for landlords and tenants as well as a local spin on current matters as a result of Covid-19 from Bruce Haagensen of North East Landlords on it’s effects on licensing and students. Watch our YouTube video […]

Personal tax return – information you accountant needs

tax return

Robson Laidler’s annual request for tax return information has now been sent to all our personal tax clients. As ever, our Tax Team requests that you please let us have this information as soon as possible.   Tax Manager Lorraine Harnby advises: “The sooner we receive the information, then the sooner […]

Covid-19: Managing Cash Flow and Raising Finance

cash flow

Never has cash flow been more important in a business. Cash flow is the heart of a business, not just profit. If you haven’t got cash it can be a difficult and stressful time. Profit is important too especially if you need to raise finance. Here are some interesting statistics: […]

COVID-19: R&D advice


Alongside the schemes HMRC have released for both businesses and the self-employed there is some R&D guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the headlines of which are: HMRC are aiming to maintain the 28-day turnaround of SME claims for payable tax credits This suggests that HMRC are encouraging legitimate […]

Covid-19: Guidance for separated parents

advice for separated parents

Coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives and separated parents may be confused as to what happens to child contact arrangements during the lockdown. Every case is different, and we urge families to contact a specialist family lawyer for more detailed advice but here are some general pointers: 1. […]

Robson Laidler Wealth – Coronavirus Update

I hope you and your family are coping well with the government restrictions and remain safe and healthy. Many of you may be isolated at home while for others you are facing difficulties in continuing to run your business. Capacity We want to offer any appropriate support whatever your current […]