Monthly Archives: May 2020

ESG investing – a new normal?

ESG Investing

Over the last year we have been having more conversations around ESG investing – where fund priorities are based on environmental, social, and governance issues. There has always been a small number of individuals who have specifically mentioned that they wish for a particular area to be excluded from their […]

Are you utilising your Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions?

Former Labour Chancellor Roy Jenkins famously described Inheritance Tax as: “A voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue.” Inheritance Tax is now nearly 35 years old, but the comments made by Jenkins back in the day still hold a kernel of […]

An update from RL Wealth: Covid 19 – what have we learned?

Wealth Online Meeting

I’ll not to start this with the usual “I hope this finds you well?” as this seems to be at the start of every fund manager communication we’ve had since this crisis began!   I do genuinely hope though that you and your family are managing to stay healthy and sane […]

As the Government starts to lift the lockdown, how can you prepare your business?


We know how tough the past few weeks have been for SMEs and with an easing of lockdown rules approaching, getting your business ready for operating in a post-lockdown world has its own unique challenges. Businesses now have increased obligations and responsibilities – from ensuring adherence to social distancing measures […]

Worried about your UK Tax Residency in light of COVID-19?

UK residency

The number of days spent in the UK is integral to the calculation of your UK tax position and the unusual circumstances of COVID-19 mean that some people may be spending more time in the country than normal. Whilst there is no extension to the number of days you can […]