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Staff entertaining expenses dentists need to get their teeth into

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We know that our dental clients like a party, as do we, but do you know the staff expenses tax implications of entertaining and Christmas bonuses? An annual Christmas party, or a meal and drinks out with your staff is enough to trigger a tax charge if the limits are […]

Celebrating our B Impact Report

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From us all at Robson Laidler, we are thrilled to announce that our B Corp Impact Report has received official sign-off from B Lab UK! We’d love to invite people to share our progress against the B Corp impact pillars during our first years of accreditation, and take a moment […]

UK Business Confidence Survey Results 2023

business confidence survey results

The latest research from Robson Laidler in collaboration with the UK200Group provides a comprehensive snapshot of the UK business confidence landscape.   The survey reveals that 35% of businesses maintain a positive outlook, a slight increase from the previous year’s 34%, but still lower than the 48% reported in 2021. […]

Companies May Be Required To File Profit & Loss Information At Companies House

Companies May Be Required To File Profit & Loss Information At Companies House

Do you want your neighbour and friends to know exactly how much you earn? Or your competitors, employees or customers know what your margins are?   Well, if you are the owner of a small, limited company then new legislation, currently working its way through Parliament, will mean that information […]

Our Membership of the UK200Group: What it means for our clients

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As a chartered accountancy firm dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results, we are proud to be members of the UK200Group, a professional services association of quality assured chartered accountancy, law, and tax led firms with a strong sense of independence. Our membership not only endorses our commitment to maintaining […]