Clare Bromly, Northumberland

“I am a GP in my mid 50’s and have realised that retirement is on the horizon. Whilst I have always understood that the NHS pension is a generous one, and have made one or two other investments along the way, I am now in a position to try and […]

James Robinson, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I decided I needed financial advice over fifteen years ago so that l could plan my retirement and plan for the future. I wanted an experienced professional at the helm that l fully trusted and understood my circumstances but who had honest and realistic views on what was achievable. Neil […]

John G Hogg, Funeral Director

“Having left the Royal Navy and moving straight to a large corporation my pension needs and advice were previously minimal. However, going self employed it’s a very different story. The pensions market is a very daunting arena to be in and making uninformed decisions can be, at the very least, […]

David Saunders, Jesmond, Newcastle

“I have been with Robson Laidler for more than a decade now and have benefited greatly from Neil Cowie’s advice. At the beginning, I knew that my financial circumstances were going to change fairly soon as a result of inheritance, but on the one hand I had no experience of […]